Mestizonic is the solo project of Juan Esquivel, peruvian composer and producer, founder and member of several independant bands like praga or Lima Tropical Beats, nowadays also in charge of synths in the peruvian rock band Catervas.

Since 2014, Esquivel have been working in Mestizonic as a personal proposal with a contemporary view of peruvian music, where the synths and electronic sounds have a  fundamental and complementary role with traditional peruvian sounds and grooves.

For this first album – “Tropical lounge” – released in mid 2016, Mestizonic delivers original songs with a warm and groovy feel, blending electronica with the distinctive sound of guitar and percussion inspired by Peruvian cumbia, with a different and relaxed exploration approach.

Through Mestizonic, Esquivel invites all to a sonic flight where the musical blending incite us to good vibes and relax, while evoking wonderful Peruvian landscapes.


Album “Tropical lounge”

Audio reel

1st Single: “relaxing sunset” (Downloadable)

2nd single: “tropical lounge”

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